Verisk Health – MediConnect Record Retrieval

Through its MediConnect Record Retrieval, Verisk Health is the world leader in medical record retrieval, digitization, coding, extraction, and analysis. In addition to offering the secure retrieval and exchange of health records, MediConnect Record Retrieval provides its clientele with a robust online document management system that includes completely customizable workflow solutions, which are tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

MediConnect Record Retrieval currently serves many of the largest health insurance payers and life insurance carriers in the country, along with thousands of plaintiff and defense law firms.

Whether plaintiff or defense, legal firms must continually balance aggressive litigation with the massive work behind discovery and case management. The amount of work with medical record retrieval alone can be costly and daunting, yet these records can be the most important documents needed for strong cases.

MediConnect Record Retrieval has a patented on-line medical retrieval system designed to simplify the retrieval of records and take the burden off of the legal firm. It allows an otherwise non-billable expense to become billable and is flexible enough for any legal professional to quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized medical records.

MediConnect Record Retrieval has a full suite of services that address all aspects of civil litigation for both plaintiff and defense cases:

• Medical Record Retrieval
• Customizable Bates/Page Stamping
• Indexing (Chronological or Categorical)
• Record Coding & Search
• Notarization/Certification of Records
• Identification of Additional Providers
• Physician/Nurse Reviews, Reports, and Summaries
• OCR (Searchable Text)
• Rushed Requests
• Analytics & Reporting
• Customizable Workflows
• Online Document Management
• Online Billing