Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange

For over 32 years, Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange has offered superior professional liability protection to Texas lawyers and judges. Unlike commercial insurance companies, TLIE is a member-owned association with a long history of proven industry experience and unmatched customer service. Over 5,000 Texas lawyers and judges know they can count on us for their malpractice insurance because we continuously offer reliable coverage at affordable rates.

TLIE offers three types of policies to meet the needs of Texas lawyers. All policies cover both loss payments and defense costs:

Our Regular Policy provides broad coverage with a wide range of policy limits and deductibles.

Our Basic Policy provides reliable coverage but with certain restrictions not found in our Regular Policy.

Our Special Basic Policy provides affordable coverage to lawyers with specific limited needs in certain situations, including:

Referral Service: Only covers matters referred to you by certain ABA-accredited referral programs.

New Attorney: Only available to attorneys who have been in private practice for three years or less.

Part-Time Attorney: Only available to attorneys who work on average no more than 24 hours per week.

Contract Attorney: Only available to attorneys who work on a contract basis for other attorneys or firms at least 75% of the time.

What makes TLIE Legal Malpractice Policies Different?

DTPA Coverage – Unlike many other professional liability policies, TLIE’s Regular Policy covers additional damages under the DTPA for any liability not otherwise excluded.

Punitive and Exemplary Damages – Our regular policy contains no exclusion for punitive or exemplary damages.

Innocent Partner Protection – Both our Regular and Basic Policies preserve coverage for claims against an “innocent partner” who did not participate in criminal, dishonest, fraudulent, or malicious conduct.

Hammer Clause – TLIE policies do NOT contain a hammer clause. If you refuse to consent to a settlement, TLIE’s liability is not capped by the amount of the settlement.

Aggregate Deductibles – All TLIE policies have an aggregate deductible, not a per claim deductible, regardless of the number of claims reported during the policy year.

Choice of Counsel – TLIE will consult with you before hiring defense counsel to represent you. Other insurance companies may automatically assign defense counsel to represent you without your input.

Benefits of TLIE Membership

Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange is committed to helping attorneys avoid legal malpractice claims and grievance complaints.

Direct Risk Management Consultation. Call us anytime, toll-free, to discuss malpractice or ethics concerns.

The Legal Malpractice Advisory. Our malpractice prevention newsletter
Seminars on Legal Malpractice. Earn two hours toward your ethics CLE requirement with our convenient online seminars.

The Legal Malpractice Self Audit. A private questionnaire to evaluate firm procedures and malpractice exposure.

Online Resources. Visit us online at www.tlie.org.