SpeakWrite provides human-powered transcription and digital documentation solutions to law firms, state government agencies, law enforcement operations, insurance and other private sector users. With over 50,000 clients nationwide, SpeakWrite is the nation’s largest provider of non-medical transcription. Utilizing a network of US-based typists, along with SpeakWrite’s innovative software tools, completed documents are delivered in about three hours, 24/7, year-round. SpeakWrite was founded in 1997, is privately held, and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

SpeakWrite Voice-to-Document provides human-powered transcription services whereby a document’s author records via telephone, Smartphone App, dictation device or computer dictation software, then uploads to SpeakWrite, 24/7/365. SpeakWrite’s US-based transcriptionist staff transcribes that dictation, then returns a completed document as an email attachment in the author’s preferred word processing format, all in about three hours. SpeakWrite Voice-to-Document does not utilize any voice recognition software at any stage of the document creation process.

SpeakWrite WorkFlow is a cloud-based, digital dictation workflow tool for any size company that has multiple digital dictation users and resources. SpeakWrite WorkFlow’s single-view, scalable and accessible dashboard allows for the management of digital dictation in real-time, while providing a simple, affordable way to manage overflow through its integration with SpeakWrite Voice-to-Document.

SpeakWrite Mobile – is a set of Smartphone applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android that provides a simple and instantaneous way of creating and submitting dictation to both SpeakWrite WorkFlow and Voice-to-Document. SpeakWrite Mobile’s proprietary ability to support the integration of photos into documents and its “Record Call” functionality makes it unique in its field.