Pitney Bowes Management Services

Pitney Bowes Management Services has been the leader in supporting the legal industry for over 30 years. Our full-service legal solutions and our expertise in document and mail and office management will give your firm the competitive edge. Best known for our for facilities management expertise, your office is covered with dedicated mail, print, copy and records specialists, each industry veterans with an average of 10 years in the legal sector. We can help streamline operations and maintain your on-premises service centers, while optimizing staffing and business equipment expenditures, and managing workload overflows. Our on-site solutions support you in delivering improved outcome and better bottom line results.

Our Best Site model allows us to also leverage near site and offsite locations for Litigation Support and Document Management. Managing massive amounts of information is an everyday challenge for law offices and corporate legal departments. We accelerate the transition of physical documents to digital records allowing users to quickly archive, index and access records while increasing security and compliance, and providing real-time response to requests for information. We manage millions of paper and electronic documents a year, ensuring flawless document quality, regulatory compliance and evidentiary chain-of custody. We are the industry pioneers in groundbreaking e-Discovery solutions. Most importantly, we offer experienced consultation and expertise from professionals who are –specially trained with a profound and intuitive understanding of your legal business. This enables us to provide solutions that serve the needs of attorneys, staff, clients and stakeholders.

We invite you to see how we’ve worked with firms and corporate legal departments to transform their business workflows. We are proud with our affilation with the ALA and of the strong relationships we’ve built as a trusted partner in the legal community.