National Pension Professionals (NPP), affiliate of GLJ Benefit Consultants

National Pension Professionals, LLC (NPP), an affiliate of GLJ Benefit Consultants and a VIP Business Partner, is a leading pension management firm providing retirement plan consulting and advisory services to its member firms.

The consultants at NPP are affiliated with LPL Financial, the largest independent broker/dealer in the United States,* and have been specifically approved to consult on retirement plans due to their demonstrated experience and Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation. NPP works with ALA member firms to help them understand and address their fiduciary obligations as dictated by current and impending Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requirements.

NPP brings unparalleled experience, innovation, and its outstanding reputation to ALA member firms.

• NPP seeks to improve the overall quality of your firm’s retirement plan offering and, in
addition, will help address your ERISA procedural requirement of prudent investment
selection and ongoing monitoring.

• NPP is the first fiduciary pension consultant at LPL Financial with the ability to offer its
services on a nationwide basis.

• NPP serves the needs of ALA member firms, bringing deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities legal firms face in offering competitive retirement benefits to partners and employees.

• NPP provides ALA members complimentary access to NPP’s exclusive plan sponsor knowledge center, the Retirement Resource Institute, which provides a robust set of tools, articles and resources to help you anticipate and fulfill plan fiduciary responsibilities in an ever-changing environment.

NPP’s Retirement Resource offers ALA Members access to an exclusive webinar series with CLM credits. To register to participate in the series, go to

Current Live Webinar Series Schedule:
All calls at 2pm EST
March 29 – Fiduciary Responsibility
April 12 – Plan Compliance, presented by Mary Rosen, Regional Director-DOL
May 11 – Peeling Back the Onion: Understanding Plan Fees
May 23 – Final Wrap-up in Orlando at the Annual Conference at NPP’s Business Matters! Session, 10am

Please also stop by our two booth locations at the 2011 Annual Conference: 602 & 1030!

* As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996–2010, based on total revenue.