Mode5, Inc.

Local networks can be complex and difficult to maintain. Upgrading equipment every few years and finding competent support to maintain it is hard work. Every hour your computer or network is down is an hour you cannot work for your clients. With Mode5 Legal those hassles become a thing of the past. We will host your applications and data in our private Cloud. The Mode5 Legal WebDesk is a customized web portal to your cloud network for easy access to your data and applications from anywhere and any device online.

Law firms are quickly adopting cloud services to help secure and centralize client information, improve accessibility, decrease downtime, and increase profitability. By migrating to Mode5 Legal you can say goodbye to costly servers and the hassles that come with them. Your data will be more secure than ever in our state-of-the-art data center and you will have access to your applications and data from a client’s office, home, or even in court.

Don’t switch to a stripped down web app to move to the Cloud. Let us host the feature rich applications you are already using and have business processes built around.

Time Matters
PC Law
Microsoft Office
Word Perfect
Peachtree & Sage
& more!

5 benefits of Mode5 Legal for your Law Firm

Network & Data Security

At Mode5 we manage the security of your data and handle backups so you can rest assured your business information is protected and available to you when needed. Your data is only accessible to your practice and no one else. Often with local networks, we find that servers are often not backed up properly, have poor file security, or are sitting in the middle of the office where anyone has physical access to them. The Mode5 data center is a fortress with stringent physical and network layer security.

Practice Document Management

Mode5 Legal simplifies document management by securely storing your firm’s data in a single location online. Each WebDesk includes Microsoft Office so your firm is provided with the latest tools to create and manage documents.

Accessibility for your Attorneys

Mode5 Legal improves network accessibility for your attorneys and staff by providing 24/7 online secure access from the cloud. You and your staff can login anywhere, from nearly any device and quickly retrieve data necessary to complete your job. With Mode5 Legal you can access your full desktop from any mobile device allowing you to easily launch legal documents in court or during depositions.

Staff Collaboration

Every Mode5 Legal account includes Microsoft Exchange to provide easy sharing of e-mail, calendar, task, and contacts for your practice. With your critical data and applications hosted centrally in the cloud your staff’s work is synchronized. Exchange also integrates seamlessly with applications such as Time Matters so you can stay up to date in the office or on the road with a phone or tablet.

Practice Expansion

With Mode5 Legal you can quickly add users, applications, or business locations in the cloud so your practice can easily expand. Also your data capacity can simply be expanded as needed so you are only utilizing the storage necessary.