Kessler International

Kessler International offers a comprehensive portfolio of investigative services designed to protect and enhance today’s international community.

Established in 1988, we remain an independent, privately owned corporation with a proven approach that is quality driven, discreet, thorough and extraordinarily successful. We act for the most prominent companies in the world and operate on every continent. Our clients include governments, national and multi-national corporations, small businesses, financial institutions and law firms.

To ensure that we have the very best understanding of our clients’ requirements, we work to maintain the very closest relationships. Every case is supervised and directed by senior management who work in partnership with the client throughout the project. Our specialized team of professionals utilizes their wealth of experience, skills, methodologies and processes to collect, analyze and evaluate the best possible approach to your specific requirements. In addition, we have the rare ability to meet the challenge of working within a wide variety of countries, languages, cultures and legal systems.

Our firm consists of several key divisions each specializing in a specific area. We recognize that each of our clients’ problems is unique and therefore offer an extensive portfolio of professional services to meet these exacting requirements. The divisions listed below handle some of our most complex assignments:

• Special Investigations & Due Diligence Division

• Forensic Accounting Division

• Computer Forensics Division

• Intellectual Property Division

• Construction Project Review