Jaffe PR

Jaffe PR is a complete Public Reputation resource, devoted primarily to law firms, legal associations and vendors to the legal market. Legal Brand Journalism™, including media relations and content development, is at the heart of our work for clients. Around this core are in-house specialists providing reputation consulting, content writing and development, creative services from branding to websites, and search engine optimization. Integrated teams fully support clients in growing and managing their public reputations and attracting new business opportunities. Beyond this are other valued resources unique in the industry, including WritersForLawyers™ to provide all forms of content, LexSpeak™ to identify and support speaking engagements, and RankingsForLawyers™ to navigate and capitalize on numerous survey and ranking possibilities.

We represent many law firms of all sizes — from those mid-size firms, those within the AmLaw 200 to regional boutique firms, as well as other professional services firms. We have expertise and experience not only in the legal market, but also within nearly every industry and specialty that these firms practice. We also represent legal-related organizations, including industry directories, legal associations and organizations focusing on alternative dispute resolution.

Our work is fixed-fee, project based or an hourly fee based upon an annual or monthly minimum budget. We are open to considering other alternative fee arrangements as well.

As a leader in law firm public reputation management, we aim to serve as a resource for the legal business community, paying close attention to trends and offering solid advice on new tools and the latest technologies, including how to make a positive, digital footprint in the “new normal” digital world.