IntApp provides software products and services that enable law firms to achieve competitive advantage by increasing revenue, exceeding client compliance requirements, and reducing operational costs.

Today, 120 firms across the world have deployed IntApp Time Builder to improve the quality of life for their lawyers. It does this by capturing billable activity that may have been missed, under-estimated, or inadequately described in notes. Time Builder then provides lawyers with an accurate, consolidated report of their client and matter-related activity, generated by automatically monitoring the key applications they use throughout the day, to assist them in creating time entries more efficiently. Tracked activities include document creation, email, calendar appointments, phone calls and mobile email/phone calls.

Time Builder offers additional benefits including increased utilization – lawyers typically find 1-4 hours of billable time per month with no additional work, mobile access to create and edit time entries on the go, improved data quality to support AFAs and fixed fee matters, and point of entry e-billing guideline validation, including a direct integration with eBillingHub.

Today, Time Builder is actively used by firms ranging in size from 100 to over 3000 lawyers. Offering a consumer-grade user experience, the product has a proven track record of significant lawyer adoption in real-world environments, aided by IntApp’s extensive customer roll-out support.

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