HP Autonomy

HP Autonomy is the market leading provider of document and email management software for law firms and corporate legal departments. With 80% of the global law firm market and over 500 corporate legal departments, WorkSite is an information management platform used to manage all matter content and make it accessible from any device or access point, including desktops, laptops, the internet and mobile devices. WorkSite provides essential document management features, tracks document versions from initial draft to final form, maintains audit trails and logs, and manages email and other electronically stored information (ESI).

WorkSite’s Email Management module provides advanced email management capabilities for WorkSite through an intelligent toolbar that suggests the filing location for email based on filing history and allows users to manage email attachments, email security and email disposition. With Email Management for Outlook or Lotus Notes, users can automatically file email messages into WorkSite from synchronized Outlook folders. Email Management for WorkSite enables lawyers to maintain all email correspondence in the electronic matter file, improving collaboration and record keeping compliance.

The WorkSite Mobility app for iOS allows you to access your WorkSite documents and emails from anywhere, enabling mobile professionals to be productive in and out of the office. Designed especially to take advantage of iOS’s unique interface and portability, WorkSite Mobility 2.6 supports the iPhone as well as the iPad, allowing users to browse, search, view, edit and upload content within WorkSite. Mobility users can also leverage the device camera to capture and upload photographs to the matter workspace, enabling lawyers to file receipts, signed agreements and other content in real time.

The HP Autonomy portfolio of products extends beyond WorkSite to manage content across the information lifecycle:
• iManage RecordsManager is a comprehensive solution for capturing, classifying, tracking, scheduling and managing records, including physical and electronic files stored in WorkSite
• iManage ConflictsManager enables law firms to dramatically improve and streamline the management of their conflicts of interest process.
• Comprehensive Enterprise Search unites content from over 400 repositories, increasing efficiency and exposing experts within the organization.
• Autonomy Process Automation is a full featured intelligent process automation engine that provides rich capabilities for modeling and automating business processes through rules based routing, electronic forms, digital signatures, real time business activity monitoring, with secure connectivity into other business systems. The module provides out-of-the-box integration with all WorkSite clients, including FileSite, DeskSite as well as web and mobile clients.

HP Autonomy’s portfolio of solutions for managing information throughout the law firm provide intelligent, intuitive tools that enable lawyers to leverage unstructured digital information, greatly increasing efficiency, improving customer service, mitigating risk and enhancing decision making.