Attorney Protective

It’s our top priority at Attorney Protective to ensure that the legal professional liability coverage we offer addresses modern strategies for your risk in an ever more challenging legal and business environment. It’s coverage that’s right for today’s tough challenges. It’s coverage designed for lawyers, by lawyers.

- We pay the first $5,000 of defense costs and fees in every covered claim

- Broad definitions of insured and legal services

- Supplementary payments up to $500/day, $10,000/claim and $50,000/aggregate for your attendance at our request at a trial, hearing or arbitration

- Defense of disciplinary proceedings up to $25,000/proceeding and $100,000/aggregate

- Financial stability of Berkshire Hathaway with an A.M. Best rating of A++ and a AA+ rating from Standard & Poor’s

- “The Flex App” application process

As an expert in your field, you set high standards for yourself. Choose an insurer who does the same.

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Policies are written by National Liability & Fire Insurance Company and administered by Attorney Protective. All coverage is subject to specific policy terms and conditions.